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Strider 12 ST-R Balance Bike


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Your kid is a boss, and they deserve a boss bike — one that totally puts others to shame and is better than fresh avocado toast. You could go out and get your child some bike with a bunch of flashy lights, annoying noises, and a cheap plastic handlebar shield that vaguely represents a superhero. But you know better than that.

If Luxury and Performance got together and decided to create the pinnacle of what a Strider 12 Bike should be, they’d make the Strider ST-R®. Sleek? Yes. Elegant? Double yes. Carbon fiber? Triple yes. Totally, incredibly, jaw-dropping, head-turning, amazingness on two wheels? A gajillion times yes.

So let’s skip the marketing mumbo jumbo for a minute. Check this out. The Strider ST-R® has a carbon fiber frame with a carbon fiber fork and carbon steerer. The headset is a Cane Creek® AER® with bearings. We also threw in a custom stem, handlebar, grips, and seat clamp. Then, we thought about what else we could add. How about super sticky Schwalbe® “Big Apple” tires? That do anything for ya? Top it off with 10-spoke carbon fiber rims that scream style and custom Strider alloy hubs with cartridge bearings and a thru-axle. The ST-R® is magnificently lean and mean, and there’s no telling what your little one can accomplish when they get into the saddle.

With the Strider ST-R®, your little speedster will blaze a trail of fiery epicness that will make everyone on the race track drool (not counting the ones who are teething). The Strider ST-R® is for those little speed demons who won’t compromise speed for comfort and luxury. They keep racing once they’ve crossed the finish line, and they fall asleep dreaming about the need for speed on a bike built for performance. They don’t have time to pause for a juice box break, because, let’s face it…ain’t nobody got time for that.


Carbon fiber frame


Carbon Fiber Fork with Carbon Steerer


Handlebar Height: 51 cm (20 in.); Adjustable by 1cm
Cane Creek® AER® Headset with Bearings
Strider Custom Forged Alloy Stem, 25.4 mm bar mount, 10° Rise, 50mm Length
Strider Custom Carbon Fiber Handlebar 22.2 mm, 25.4 mm mount, 0° rise, 3° backsweep, 400 mm wide
Strider Logo Custom Grips, 22.2 mm


Seat Height: 28 - 48 cm (11 - 19 in.)
Strider Custom Forged Aluminum Seat Clamp
Strider Performance Seat
Strider Custom Carbon Fiber Seatpost 22.2mm x 220 mm
(Also includes 293mm seatpost for 3 – 5-year-olds)


12” Wheels
Schwalbe® “Big Apple" Tires (12 x 2.00)
12” x 2.0” Tubes with Schrader® Valve
12” Carbon Fiber Rims, 10 Spoke
Strider Custom Alloy Hubs with Cartridge Bearings
Strider Custom Alloy Axles, 12mm x 100mm Thru-Axle
Stainless Spokes, Black Finish
Silver Spoke Nipples, Nickel Plated


Integrated Grip Surface


Strider greatness meets carbon fiber, high-end performance

Product Name: Strider 12 ST-R Balance Bike
Fits Inseam: 31 - 51 cm (12 - 20 in.)
Rider Heights: Approx. 95 – 125 cm (37 – 49 in.)
Rider Age: 18 Months to 5 Years
Size: 12” Wheels
Weight: 2.5 kg (5.6 lbs.)
Color: Red with Exposed Carbon Weave
Seat Height: 28 - 48 cm (11 - 19 in.)
Handlebar Height: 51 cm (20 in.); Adjustable by 1cm
Maximum Rider Weight: 27 kg (60 lbs.)
Frame Material: Carbon Fiber
Fork Material: Carbon Fiber with Carbon Steerer
Headset: Cane Creek® AER® with Bearings
Stem: Strider Custom Forged Alloy, 25.4 mm bar mount, 10° Rise, 50mm Length
Handlebar: Strider Custom Carbon Fiber 22.2 mm, 25.4 mm mount, 0° rise, 3° backsweep, 400 mm wide
Grips: Strider Logo Custom 22.2 mm
Seat Clamp: Strider Custom Forged Aluminum
Tires: Schwalbe® “Big Apple" (12 x 2.00)
Tubes: 12” x 2.0” with Schrader® Valve
Rims: 12” Carbon Fiber Rim, 10 Spoke
Hubs: Strider Custom Alloy with Cartridge Bearings
Axles: Strider Custom Alloy 12mm x 100mm Thru-Axle
Spokes: Stainless, Black Finish
Spoke Nipples: Silver, Nickel Plated
Footrest: Integrated Grip Surface
Seat: Strider Performance Seat
Seatpost: Strider Custom Carbon Fiber 22.2mm x 220 mm; Also includes 293mm seatpost for 3 – 5-year-olds.
Tool Included: 5mm Hex Wrench
Assembly: Bike Is 95% Assembled

Tested to CPSC and CE standards

What is a Strider Bike?

Only the coolest balance bike for toddlers on the market! Strider Bikes are designed to be the best way for toddlers to learn to ride by teaching balance first. A Strider Balance Bike inspires confidence for a child who has only been walking for a short time. If your child can walk, they can ride a Strider!

What model should I buy?

Great question. So many options! We offer several different models for kiddos ages 6 months - 7 years old:

12 Sport 2-in-1 Rocking Bike – Built for babies looking for fun and freedom. This is the perfect way to introduce a bike to your child. (6 months – 5 years)

12 Pro 2-in-1 Rocking Bike – An all-aluminum frame meets a rocking good time. Perfect for future racers and high-performance fans. (6 months – 5 years)

12 Classic – Don’t let its modesty fool you. The Strider Classic is a skill-building, confidence-building, budget-friendly model. (Ages 18 months to 3 years)

12 Sport – Looking for more features than you can shake a stick at? Meet the bike that set the world on fire. It’s our most popular model for a reason. (Ages 18 months to 5 years)

12 Pro – Performance meets perfection with the Pro’s all-aluminum frame. This is our high-end model and race ready right out of the box. (Ages 18 months to 5 years)

14x Sport – Instant riding success? Yeah, we went there. The 14x starts off as a balance bike and, with a little help from the Easy-Ride Pedal Conversion Kit, transforms into their very first pedal bike. This is the best bike for those younglings making the transition to pedals. (Ages 3 to 7 years)

My friends told me to buy the Strider ST-3 or ST-4 model for my toddler, but I can't find it on your site. What should I buy?

Great question. First, thank your friend for buying a Strider. Second, congratulate yourself for listening to your friend. We did use part numbers (ST-1, ST-2, etc.) to describe Strider Bikes in the past. As we’ve updated the bike and made improvements to Strider Bikes over the years, we’ve switched to model names (Sport, Pro, 14x, etc.) instead of part numbers.

The Strider 12 Sport is the same bike that was known as the ST-4, only now it includes an XL seatpost to fit 3- to 5-year-olds.

What size should I get?

Strider Bikes are available in 12", 14", 16", and 20" models (the number refers to wheel diameter in inches). The best way to determine which size is right for your kiddo is to go by their inseam. Check out our handy inseam graph below.

My child is less than 2 years old, can they really ride it?

YES! If your child is walking like a champion, they can ride a Strider Bike! Our U.S. patented design offers the perfect combination of low seat height, low center-of-gravity, and lightweight, allowing even the youngest children to find success. Not walking yet? No problem. The Strider 2-in-1 Rocking Bike introduces babies who are crawling like crazy to the wonderful world of biking. It even helps develop their core strength and spatial awareness. Cool, huh?

There are no pedals? How do they make it go? How do they stop?

Children put their feet on the ground and push, just like Fred Flintstone.

Toddlers' legs are strongest when used this way, rather than trying to pedal really short cranks. They are actually faster and more capable of dealing with uneven terrain and inclines on a Strider Balance Bike than a pedal bike.

Stopping is just as easy as starting; they just put their feet down. For experienced riders, we also offer an optional foot-operated brake. We don't recommend it until about age 3 to 4 years old. For really young riders, success requires simplicity. That’s what we strive to do: Keep It Simple.

Are the tires plastic? Foam? No-air?

We get this question all the time. The tires are made of an EVA polymer, which provides two key benefits. First, they’re extremely lightweight for easy control. Seriously, these puppies are half the weight of an air-filled tire and inner tube. Second, and parents love this part, they require NO MAINTENANCE. They will NEVER go flat and never need to be checked; just grab and go!

How high should the seat be?

Proper seat height should have the child sitting on the saddle, with feet flat on the ground, with a slight bend in the knees. For long-distance striding on smooth surfaces, you can raise this slightly. For obstacles, tricks, and off-road riding, the saddle should be adjusted for slightly more bend in the knees. Strider offers two different length seatposts – 220 mm (8.66 in.) and 305 mm (12.0 in.). Older/taller riders will benefit by using the XL seatpost.

When should I use the XL seatpost?

Well, that all depends on how tall your child is and what their inseam is. Typically, when a child is around 3 ½ years old, they will benefit from the XL Seatpost. The saddle height range for the XL Seatpost for the Strider 12 is 41-48 cm (16-19 in.).

How high should the handlebars be?

Handlebar height should be at the lowest setting for children 6 – 24 months old, mid-height for 36 – 48 months old, and at the highest setting for 48+ months old. Typically, you want the handlebars to be about mid-torso. For older/bigger kids that still love their Striders but are getting too big, we also offer our XL Handlebar.

What should I do, my child is big enough to pedal a bike but doesn't want to quit riding the Strider?

Kids are focused on FUN. The transition to ANY pedal bike is a big one because most pedal bikes are two to three times the weight of a Strider. Most pedal bikes will only be able to be ridden on flat, smooth surfaces. This isn't nearly as much fun as going on an adventure with your all-terrain-capable Strider. We recommend that you offer both to your child and let them choose. Remember, ALL the skills learned and time spent on the Strider will roll into pedal bike/dirt bike riding proficiency later. So don't get in a hurry; don't feel like they are getting behind. When the pedal bike becomes more FUN to them, they will make the switch. Until that time, you want to encourage them to ride and have FUN on whichever bike they choose. That’s why we designed the 14x Sport as a balance bike that turns into a pedal bike. Switching back to balance bike mode takes only minutes, and your child has the best of both worlds.